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The Netloan Library Wi-Fi authentication software is designed to be used in libraries wanting to provide a Wi-Fi network that authenticates library users contained within the Library Management Database. Plus see the following benefits you could attain:

Save costs and space

Introducing a Wi-Fi network offers the opportunity for laptop users to link to your Wi-Fi network and access the internet.

Not only does this increase availability of library PCs, but it also reduces PC waiting times and the need to multiply the amount of PCs as demand increases.

With a more flexible use of space and no need for extensions to facilitate new PC's, this is particularly valuable for those libraries located in rural areas and those who are looking to keep costs at a minimum.

Increase library visitors

With an added Wi-Fi service to your library's profile, your Wi-Fi solution can effectively promote your library as a provider for members of the community, encouraging more visits on a daily basis.

In addition, Wi-Fi can work to brand your library as a modern and valuable facility that supports self-service, convenience and reliability.

Widen your market

Use your Wi-Fi facility to entice new library members - why not aim to specifically attract previously hard to reach audiences such as teenagers by offering free Wi-Fi access to library members?

For more information regarding the Netloan Wi-Fi software please visit our Netloan Wi-Fi website

Netloan Charging Module

The charging module enables you to charge for the use of your computers. The charge is set per minute of use. With the charging module you can:

  • Vary the charge at different times of the day
  • Vary the charge by different types of computer
  • Vary the charge by different groups of user
  • Give each reservation a free period of time before charging begins
  • Give users a certain number of free minutes every day, week or month and only start charging when these minutes are used up

Netloan Offline Module

The Netloan offline module is designed to allow people to log into the netloan machines with their library card even in the event of a network failure. When this occurs, each machine uses a cached database of user log on information to authenticate users on a 'first come, first serve' basis. When a user successfully logs on, they are logged in with a local windows account on to the computer.

Netloan Webstats Module

The webstat module can keep a statistical record of what web site your users are visiting. It can also be used to create black lists (sites users cannot visit) and white lists (the only sites users can visit).