Netloan PC Bookings - Technical Overview

Technical Requirements

For further information on the technical requirements to run Netloan PC Bookings, please contact us
  • Operates with PCs, thin clients or within a mixed environment
  • Integrates with most major library management systems through SIP2, XML or ODBC
  • Integration with Active Directory and Novell Directory Services and provide server storage space allocation
  • Built on .NET architecture
  • Operates with Windows NT, 2000, or 2003 domains and peer to peer networks
  • Includes 14 different statistical options with reports available in HTML, PDF and Excel
  • Provides Automatic log out at the end of sessions which leads to fewer conflicts and increased access for users
  • Offers different access levels for administrators, staff and users
  • Includes integrated Print Cost Management facility
  • Tracks Software Application usage

Complete Session Control

Netloan has complete session control; ensuring users' sessions end on time, every time. Users login to their sessions using their username and/or pin code. Once authenticated, users can view your acceptable use policy, which they must agree to comply with, before they can begin their sessions. During sessions Netloan displays a countdown clock on the user's interface. Towards the end of their session, warning messages are sent to users. Once the session time has fully elapsed, users are automatically logged out and no history is saved.

Print Management

Netloan offers an integrated Print Management solution, which can be implemented to meet the individual needs of each library branch.

Prior to the release of a print job, Netloan ensures that users are aware of how many pages they are printing and the total cost of the job. Through Netloan, wastage problems, non-collection and non-payment of print jobs can be avoided.

Information Management

Netloan's extensive range of statistics includes information on the use of PCs, missed sessions and use of applications. This information is vital for monitoring and analysing the efficiency of your service, as well as budgeting and planning for the future. Netloan's management reports are reliable, meaningful and aid management decisions. The various reporting options are available in a variety of usable formats, including PDF and MS Excel. Reports include Application Usage (e.g. how many minutes MS Word has been used), Missed Reservations, PC Usage Rate, etc.

Netloan Technical Diagram