Netloan PC Bookings - Using Netloan

How do I book a computer using Netloan?

1. Direct log on to a computer in person

In most libraries you can walk up to any available computer and log on through Netloan if no-one else has pre-booked that computer. The login screen will show if the computer is available or not: if it is available it will display the 'available until...' time.
Please note that there may be some local restrictions applied, for example visitors may not be offered this service unless they receive a guest pass..

2. Online

Library members can often reserve a computer online via the local authority's website. To do this, you will need your library membership card number and pincode. Remember to make a note of the computer number you have booked - so that you can find it easily on your arrival at your library.

3. Staff

PC reservations can often be made with a member of staff, either in person at the library or over the phone. To do this, you will usually need your library membership card number.

4. Self-service kiosk

Many libraries now have self-service kiosks in place where you can book a PC.

How do I find a free slot?

In the reservations menu you will see a 'Find free slots' option. This feature is used to quickly find available time slots to book. As a user, you will be able to find a free slot for yourself (only). If you wish to book a slot, your card number and reservation details will be automatically filled in and you will be able to make the booking by clicking on the 'create' button.

How long can I book a computer for?

Usage allowance differs from library to library, so check out the library area on your council's website for more information. Customers are usually placed into age-based user groups which will each have their own time allowances allocated (such as Adults, Teenagers, Children etc).

What happens when I turn up for my booking?

If you know which computer you have booked, you can go straight to it and log in via Netloan. Your name or card number will be displayed on the screen as soon as the PC becomes available.

What will happen if I arrive late for my booked session?

Once booked, a computer will not be available for other customers to use. The computer will remain booked for a set number of minutes beyond the session start time. After that, your booking is automatically cancelled in Netloan and the PC will be available to other users.

How do I know when my session time has started?

On the login page there is a clock in the upper left hand corner. This clock is shown on every Netloan web page. It is this time that is used to decide when a booking will begin or end within Netloan. Therefore if you make a booking and are waiting for it to start, it will not start until this clock says it is time for the booking to start.

English isn't my first language. Are there other languages available?

Libraries can have more than one language enabled within Netloan. If your library chooses to do so, there will be a list of languages under the login button. If you click on one of these languages, Netloan will switch languages.

Can I search for my reservations?

As a user, you can search for reservations made by you. You can search all reservations in the future or just within a certain interval. A booking that is currently running will be counted as a future reservation. You will need to log in to Netloan to do this.

Can I edit my reservations?

As a user, you can use the reservation schedule page to edit and delete your own reservations.

Can I cancel a booking if I need to?

Yes, you can cancel the booking yourself from any computer or contact the library. If you are doing it online, you can view a list of all the bookings you have made and select the booking you wish to cancel. You will then get the option to delete the booking using the Edit Booking Box. You will only be able to delete or edit your own bookings.

What if I finish early?

Select end session and log off. The computer will log you out and all details of your session will be erased.

What happens at the end of a Netloan session?

Each authority can configure this setting differently; however generally speaking 10 minutes before the end of your session (and again at 2 minutes) Netloan will warn you that your session is nearly coming to an end. Netloan will log you off automatically at the end of your booked time, and all details of your session will be erased.

I'm not a member of a library. Can I still use the computers?

Generally speaking, yes you can, although it does depend on individual libraries. You would probably need to see a member of staff who would guide you through the process.

Is Netloan only used for booking a PC?

Settings within Netloan also control things like internet filtering, printing charges and how a customer can access the computers in certain libraries. These are set on a local basis.

How do I print something using Netloan?

Go to File > Print and select the correct printer from the drop down list. An on-screen message will display how many pages will be printed and the cost. Click OK if you want to continue with the print. All printing must be paid for when you collect it.